Clean manufacturing

In general, there is an increasing awareness of the cleanliness of products and production techniques. Furthermore, the industry is increasingly focusing on optimal control of production processes. More and more efforts are being made to prevent technical components from causing contamination in processes and systems. Contamination of components can be caused by airborne particles, which are invisible to the eye. Preventing this type of contamination is particularly important in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor and food industries.

At an early stage Permanento recognized that it is important to support the different branches of industry to keep the contamination level of particles and/or micro-organisms below a specified limit value. The definition of these limit values ​are laid down in various international guidelines and standards. Permanento started using its first cleanroom in 2003. In our current cleanroom, production takes place according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1. Our cleanroom is in accordance with ISO class 7 to ISO class 9.

Our production is designed to optimally support you and we can tailor the cleanroom class to your product needs.