About Permanento

Permanento is known in the market as a converter that excels in delivering high quality and has been a 3M™ partner since 1962. Permanento creates and produces high-quality custom adhesive components and has been active for nearly 90 years in various market segments such as the general industry, optical, electronic, automotive and medical markets, where quality is key.

Permanento has been ISO 9001 certified since 2007 and has set itself the goal of redesigning its internal processes in such a way that the medical standard (ISO 13485) is met. The strict requirements for quality combined with high flexibility and strong resolving power is a difficult combination, in which Permanento has found a good balance. A large part of the products are produced according to customer specifications. Permanento uses a wide variety of techniques to achieve the correct specification for the end product. The techniques used at Permanento include; plotting, cutting, laminating, die-cutting, rotary die-cutting and 3D printing.

Since 2017 the product range has been divided into three divisions in order to serve the various market segments and customer groups as optimally as possible.

Permanento Industrial & Medical components (IMC) is specialist in production and sales of customer-specific self-adhesive components, plastics, foams and films. Permanento Industrial Components helps with the creation of the perfect product through advice in collaboration with a customer.

Examples include: parts for use in cameras, products for use in the clothing industry, products for the automation of towel dispensers, components for various kinds of medical equipment, such as a MRI scanner and special products for lithography systems.

Permanento Edge-it Since its launch in 1989, Permanento Edge-it B.V. is considered the leading manufacturer and provider to the ophthalmic industry. A reputation built on the reliable supply of an extensive range of high quality lens edging pads and other lens manufactured products.

With factories and sales offices established in Europa and Asia we ensure fast and reliable delivery worldwide. Innovative in an ever changing market, we are able to develop products that matches the latest generation of lenses.

Permanento Industrial bonding solutions (IBS) is the specialist in supplying standard self adhesive tapes, plastics, foams and films. The standard products can be slit to size, so that they meet customer-specific requirements.